Innovative Tomato is a small company focused on video and app development. Located in Johnstown, PA, we’re the sister company of Prime Design Solutions, a full-service marketing agency. As it happens, all of us who work at Innovative Tomato and Prime Design Solutions are makers — that is, we create not only at work, but in our free time, too. Woodworking, knitting, and sewing are just some of our hobbies, and we’re delighted to have launched Crafter Companions to help others get the most out of their hobby time.


AngelaYarn Crafter
EtsyRavelryRicketyFurnitureApple StoreGoogle Play
From hats and scarves to afghans and sweaters, she knits and knits and knits.
JakeWood Crafter
Woodworker, engineer and all-around crafty fellow who just loves to make things.
BrianWood Crafter
EtsyRavelryRicketyFurnitureApple StoreGoogle Play
Designing and building boxes and tables and whatnot for more than 30 years.
ShelleyFabric Crafter
The sewing machine is her best friend and her servant. It does whatever she tells it to do.
JenYarn Crafter
EtsyRavelryRicketyFurnitureApple StoreGoogle Play
Loops and knots, loops and knots. She can turn a skein of yard into a thing of beauty in no time.